In 2021, the Company reviewed the regional exploration potential for the entire Goliath Gold Complex. The Goliath and Goldlund datasets were integrated into one geological naming and logging scheme. This allowed the team to look at the entire land package as one. The geology team looked at belt-scale controls on gold mineralization and identified key geological features that could localize gold mineralization. The team also considered the local controls on mineralization for the Goliath and Goldlund deposits to identify other similar targets. 

At the Goliath Property the team identified targets with similar geological settings to the Goliath Deposits as well as high-grade lode-gold style targets.

Goliath – 2VD-TMI Geophysics

On the Goldlund trend the team identified additional targets with similar footprints and geophysical signature to Goldlund and Miller. In addition, the team identified high-grade lode-gold targets on the property that have seen little to no exploration historically. 

Goldlund – RMI FIN CVG geophysics

Treasury implemented and monitored a thorough quality assurance/quality control program (“QA/QC” or “QC”) for the diamond drilling and sampling undertaken at the Goliath Gold deposit from 2008 through current programs. QC protocol included the insertion of QC samples into every batch sent for analysis. QC samples included certified reference materials, blanks and duplicates.